Day 1
We will be covering the following topics along with breaks and lunch.
•Reiki defined
•Do all healers use Reiki?
•The attunement
•Giving Reiki
•What is Reiki and what is not Reiki
•What can be treated?
•Is Reiki a religion?
•History of Reiki, then and now
•Dr. Mikao Usui
•Elements of a Reiki treatment

Day 2
•The Reiki Symbols
•Activating the Reiki Symbols
•The Power Symbol
•The Mental/Emotional Symbol
•Healing old habits and creating new ones
•The Distance Symbol
•Using all the symbols
•Group distance healing
•Empowering goals
•Japanese Reiki techniques
•Gassho meditation
•Byosen scanning
•Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho
•Enkaku chiryo
•Teddy bear technique
•Hayashi healing guide
•Hand positions for treatments for self and others
•Essential oils and healing sessions