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Essential oils are an essential part of my day. From waking up to the preparing myself for sleep at the end of the night, doTERRA essential oils and products are used. I begin with oils to pep me up in the morning so I can forgo the many cups of coffee I used to need in order to get going. I could go on-and-on listing everything I use throughout my day, and that would seem like a daunting list for the person just getting started. So let me start by saying the vitamins are must for me. They helped my body regain its strength after a miscarriage years ago and I have not needed to wear my knee brace that I religiously ended up in 3 times a year as my body went through its natural detox cycle. There are also several oils and blends that I apply, take internally daily or diffuse daily. I love when my home smells light and refreshing without having done a deep spring clean.

Essential oils classes are fun and enjoyable. My classes include the educational aspect of the oils and topic we have set for the class, and of course the really fun part of play time when you get to try the oils. While some classes are heavier on the educational side, I do also teach some focused directly on DIY (do it yourself) products.

I also offer is a Wellness Consultation. During this conversation we will go over your basic health needs and concerns, where you’re at, where you want to be, and setting some goals to help you get there. This consultation is for how to incorporate essential oils into a diet, exercise, and meditation program.

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