Is it time for you to get a house clearing? Ask yourself these questions…
  • Am I at ease when I am home?
  • Do my guests look like they’re at ease when visiting?
  • Is there a time of day that I avoid being at home, or being home alone?
  • Does it feel like somebody’s watching me?
  • Do I feel claustrophobic in any area of my place?
  • Do I avoid certain rooms, closets, basements, or garage?
  • Do I feel safe in my home.
  • Do I experience joy or happiness only in certain rooms?
  • Do I experience anger and sadness in certain parts of the house?
  • Do I know of any traumatic event that has occurred in the house?
  • Do I tend to have “tough” conversations in parts of my home that I do not feel joy or happiness in?
  • Am I feeling anxiety about moving from my house because I felt so much joy living here?
  • Does this house remind me of a relationship that had ended?

After answering these questions, you may have found that parts of your house no longer feel like they are supportive to you. This is why doing regular house clearing are important as taking a shower or doing laundry is. The good news is that I can shift this energy for your house and you!

It’s just as important to work on our own auric field clearing and healing as it is to work on our space around us. This is where combining Reiki Healing, essential oils, or perhaps a Destiny Card or Psychic reading are beneficial in helping us creating that sacred space called home.

Does your house or apartment feel like this???
Do you want it to feel like this?

How did I this all start for me?

When I was a young girl my bedroom never felt quite right to me. I moved my furniture around every which way imaginable and unconventionally to shift the energy, (basically doing Feng Shui before I studied it). I would keep my room immaculately clean thinking this would change things. I even started my own janitorial company at 16 years old because I was convinced that in a clean space the energy could shift and it would feel better. Yeah, that only led to clean spaces and me still being environmentally frustrated so I closed my business after a year.

Once I learned Reiki this really helped me in shifting energy in my home, work, car, and help strengthen my auric field when I would be out in public. This alone was better, but still not enough for me. Just shifting the energy by cleansing and charging a space was a lot better, but the connection between me and the house seemed to ever felt quite right, that is until I began doing a combined psychic reading on me, the building, and land itself to find out what everyone’s needs are. This is where everything changed. The land and apartments or houses would fill me in on the negative energy (fights, pain, sorrow, passed-over, and spirits) that are all inhabiting this house with the actual people living there. After I cleared those energies and then used Reiki to charge the house with positive, happy, warm, comforting, and uplifting energy I was able to see the deeper challenges or gifts for me this place offered and the healing required for me to bring about a change in my prosperity and outlook on my health, business, and relationships.

House Clearings and Real Estate

Homes with years of stagnant energy are harder to sell than those with a clearer and lighter energy. This is because potential buyers walk through portions of the house and are essentially walking through someone else’s stagnant or sometimes even traumatic energy pattern left behind. this is very much like when you’re driving, traffic slows down, and right where you’d think you’re going to be coming up on an accident you don’t. In fact there is no visible signs of an accident happening, and the traffic starts to speed up again. This is because there was an accident and the energetic force of the vehicles coming to an abrupt stop by slamming on the breaks causes a disruption in the flow of energy on the street. This disruption lasts longer than it takes for EMT’s to show up, transport, and for cops to clear the scene. The reason why it takes longer for the energetic flow to resume to normal is then also everyone in their cars getting frustrated, angry and putting that energetic current out in the road or to other drivers.
When it comes to the Real Estate industry I have found that some houses seem like they’re almost impossible to sell…this is mostly due to its energetic history like the car accident. Even new homes need cleansing to rid the space of construction workers energy to bring in more prosperous vibes to create a cozy and comfortable feeling for potential buyers. A house clearing from me can shift this.
I work on more than just the house and property. Energy work is highly beneficial when working on blocks the sellers may have, especially regarding their relationship with the house and asking price. We’ve all seen a seller not ready to actually sell their home…and a buyer not really ready for homeownership, and doing energy work around these issues might be the shift they need. Now I know not everyone is into doing energy work – especially when they’re stressed out because for some reason people like to stay stressed out. Which is why there are techniques I utilize that work specifically on the issues and not directly with the people involved. However, if a buyer/seller would be into having energy work done, that’s a bonus for everyone! As you know the more easy going and relaxes your clients are the easier your job is.

To help support Real Estate transactions I can do the aura work on the seller if they are still living in their home, or I can focus around their goals for selling their property (i.e. timeline, pricing, type of buyer).

What to expect from a House Clearing

House clearing consist of three treatments. Two are remote sessions, and one in-person clearing. The remote sessions I utilize as a pre and follow-up to the in-person clearing. The first remote session I remove large stuck energy, soul removal (those whom have passed in the house), and do a base energy charging. When I am at the home I communicate with the house and land to understand its story and needs, and then do the cleaning and charging required. This shift creates a positive energetic flow throughout the home and property, and most can feel this shift immediately. I do no use sage or other smokey elements in my home clearings. I find the techniques I utilize do a better job at opening up a space and protecting its new energetic current. The only scent profile I like to bring in is by diffusing a light essential oil.  
For those still living in the home I offer Reiki healing energy work as part of their house clearing. This is a simple auric field cleansing and healing attunement. It is just as important to do energy work on those living in the home when shifting all the energy around them. Otherwise it may be a bit odd when trying to settle back in – even if the shift feel good (it’s just not the same energy they’re used to living in).

$100 per 1000 square feet for the house
$50 per 1000 square feet for the land.
Most homes about 2000 square feet are able to be done in about an hour.
15% Discount for multiple properties.

House clearings as a gift!

You betcha! This is a great housewarming gift for your friend or client. This allows them as new owners or especially when renting an apartment or house, the ability to start fresh and not live in others energetic patterns. As we know, the changes are high that the last people who moved out had some stress, perhaps arguments, and who know what else is of their ‘stuff’ is just hanging out waiting to get into the new tenants auric field. We don’t want that for our family, friends, or clients.
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