face forward2A note from Namjeev about why she got into the Science of Cards or a.k.a. Destiny Cards.
 “I thoroughly enjoy numbers, their meanings and placement in the Science of Cards technology (a divine 20,000 year old system), and how each number in their suits (hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades) interact with planetary placement this card system showing us their unique patterns in our lives and helps us as we unfold the secrets to our success.
Since I was a kid I’ve always had an interesting relationship with numbers each having strong personalities, colors and specific relationship qualities to other numbers. You could say I was born knowing this sacred science.”
Do you want to know more about your relationships? Why some are easier than others? How about your career, are you wanting to make a small or larger shift? Is it time to move? This unique system can show you all of this and more!
Any time of year is perfect for a reading, and birthdays are an especially great time as our personal year starts with our birthdate. Each reading takes a look forward in our lives or may perhaps you’re seeking guidance for closure on a past struggle. This card system show us what we can tap into on the higher energetic side of our cards with awareness of our lower energies that come with it.
With each reading you will also receive a full print out for your birth spread and yearly spread, or relationship spread.
Go HERE to start filling out your reading questionnaire now!
Go HERE to purchase your reading.

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