Becoming Right Sized In Our Auric Field

As a psychic and energy healer (human wormhole) I am aware of the changing currents of how our community deals with different energetic cycles. Lately, I’ve been noticing that a lot more people are taking those harder to have conversations outside or into their vehicles. Yes, we are a culture that naturally spends a large amount of time in our transportation and talking while we drive has become just par for the course for making our way across town. However, I’m noticing people just sitting in their car outside their house having these “talks” so they are not inside. Our homes have become so polluted that there is no longer any free space to release or stretch our auric field. Read more


Grounding – You Might Have It All Wrong

In this New Age of Aquarius more and more people are opening up to their intuitive side and I sense that we have lost a large part of what grounding actually is. I read numerous blogs and articles with tips for empaths to use after a stressful day of feeling other people’s emotions. I read and encounter several people that are higher than a kite from meditation, yoga, and a raw diet that think they’re grounded because they feel “connected”. I hear from several people that are more uncertain about their journey and path they are on now that they’ve added in spiritual practices.

Let me spend a moment to clarify a couple of things before we get into some tools for you that you should be utilizing in your daily routine. Read more

Ahimsa and Emotions

Ahimsa – non-hurting

Practicing non-hurting we think of it mostly regarding spiders and not being an asshole in traffic or at the grocery store.  Most of the time we forget the basic meaning of Ahimsa – non-hurting of self.  This is bringing compassion to ourselves that we bring to others.  Try as you might to have complete compassion to another human being while being completely hard on ourselves.  How do you think that works out?  It doesn’t! Read more