Born as a Human Wormhole and Psychic Medium, Namjeev discovered at a young age that others don’t experience life quite the same way as she does. She would see and have conversations with people she knew others she realized others couldn’t see. She had clairvoyant vision of events to happen in the future, some within 24 hours and some for a decade or more into the future. Namjeev didn’t have any mentors or an outlet for learning more about she special gifts and there were many times she had the feeling being lost and alone in her experiences.

No-one likes the know-it-all, especially when it comes to being right! Throughout her 20’s Namjeev learned, sometimes the hard way, how to allow others to reveal themselves and ask her friends questions that would challenge their current perception rather than just blurting out the answers or messages from their guides. In general as a people we tend to prefer coming to our own conclusions about things (yes even when getting a psychic reading) and Namjeev finds that by revealing many different options and changing around messages to revealing questions empowers her clients more than just giving them straight messages.

Over the years, Namjeev found using her abilities through different avenues such as a waitress, music, consultations in business management or the tattoo industry, she had quite the gift to be of service and help others along their journey. Namjeev has also had the pleasure of being the good luck charm to professional baseball players, a muse for artists, and has been written into a book series, Shipwreck Diary.

Today Namjeev’s focus is helping others understand and transform their journey through healing sessions and is retired from giving psychic medium readings.

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