Hi Friends!

The Three of Diamonds and Ace of Spades combo is an interesting mix. On one hand we have the three which literally translates to ‘more than one’ and in the diamonds suit that is everything with our value system, business, money, and our jobs. So it would make perfect sense for those born today to have a second job or a hobby that takes up a good amount of free time or produces a small amount of extra money. 

Bringing in the element of the Ace of Spades bring the most spiritual card of the deck you’d think these people are highly spiritual or religious but that will depend on what the person personal beliefs are. 

Tip for Today: remember that although you may skip around today it’s just one day…tomorrow brings us more stability. 

Please note: This is a very short snippet into the energy around today’s birthday…if you are interested in knowing more about the Destiny Cards for your birthday I am happy to do a phone reading for you and provide a full report. BOOK NOW!



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