Hi Friends!

While the Ten of Diamonds today represents success with business and money (or anything else we value) and is known as the “wish fulfillment” card it doesn’t necessarily translate that way back to the person whom is a Ten of Diamonds. They tend to manage other people’s money better than their own. 

They have the benefit of the Eight of Spades Gemini PRC (planetary ruling card) and and its power with work health and their lifestyle. 

Tip for Today: if today is not your b-day make a wish and then work towards achieving it. If today is your b-day relax and enjoy and open yourself up to receiving. 

Please note: This is a very short snippet into the energy around today’s birthday…if you are interested in knowing more about the Destiny Cards for your birthday I am happy to do a phone reading for you and provide a full report. BOOK NOW!



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