Hi Friends!

Call them crafty. Call them liars. Call them wicked smart. Call them accident prone. Call them whatever you want – just don’t let them hear you say it. All Jacks are creative and fun loving…and liars. This particular Jack is so smart and crafty that disciplining them as children is near impossible because they’re always one step ahead of you. Have success using one method and forget about it ever working again, they’re on to you. This is also how they are in the working world and in relationships as they get older. Don’t try to be controlling or coy with them – it doesn’t work for you but it does work for them. Other people have to read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” where this just comes naturally to the Jack of Clubs. They can win over friends despite their worse character defects.

Add in the Taurus PRC (planetary ruling card) Seven of Spades and you have a clumsy genius. Yup, they are accident prone and can have serious health issues throughout their lives.

Tip for Today: Eat right, exercise, meditate, and enjoy connecting with friends!

Please note: This is a very short snippet into the energy around today’s birthday…if you are interested in knowing more about the Destiny Cards for your birthday I am happy to do a phone reading for you and provide a full report. BOOK NOW!


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