Hi Friends!

You can que my theme song by Aaron Neville Tell it like it is to fully grasp the glory of our sweet Queen of Mean today…the Queen of Clubs. She is smart and rarely holds back what she’s thinking. While she is the queen of intuition she also struggles a bit with her emotional balance, and can come off a bit close minded. Don’t worry though, her feelings are rarely hurt when they receive what they’re dishing out.

Now add in the Taurus PRC (planetary ruling card) the Five of Clubs and we have a double club situation. While the Queen is all about intuition the Five brings in a lot of restlessness and desire for moving. Today’s birthday can have a bit of a hard time making up her mind because she knows too much. This Five energy can bring in a lot of financial success for this Queen because it has the millionaires card the Seven of Diamonds in Jupiter (biggest blessing spot for finances to come in).

Tip for Today:
Pay attention to your gut instincts, and watch your tongue.

Please note: This is a very short snippet into the energy around today’s birthday…if you are interested in knowing more about the Destiny Cards for your birthday I am happy to do a phone reading for you and provide a full report. BOOK NOW!


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