Hi Friends!

Yesterday’s feelings of doing things together are tossed aside with today’s Ace of Diamonds love of being alone. Typically seen as selfish these Aces are quite happy working by themselves or for themselves altogether. They have a good amount of creativity and drive for freedom, and although they put a good amount of energy into their relationships most do well without making long-term commitments. This isn’t all bad since they also have a love of traveling.

The Five of Hearts PRC (planetary ruling card) adds to this sense of freedom and restlessness of the Ace of Diamonds. Fives are generally restless, seek freedom, and able to make many changes. This Five of Hearts is literally a change of heart. When it shows up in your spread it means that you may experience a change of heart about your closest friendships, relationship, and/or family. So for today’s birthday this adds to the Ace’s general sense of freedom and aloneness they are most happy with.

Tip for Today:
Plan out what projects you can get done yourself today…or go on an adventure, perhaps you’ll find something new.

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