Hi Friends!

Some say this card is waiting for their ship to come in. Experiencing karma (all sixes are karmic balance) in the finance and values department of our lives can bring about long periods of time when those born today do not have a change in their income (for good or bad). They may have a sense of entitlement of financial debts owed to them from their past lives. Those that choose to wait for those debts to be paid tend to  lose ambition to go out and grasp it for themselves. The other part of the Six of Diamonds is very gifted creatively and they do well to be immersed in anything artistic.

Six of Diamonds people usually have a harder time with their close relationships with the Ace of Hearts in Saturn. This is where today’s Taurus Ten of Hearts PRC (planetary ruling card) brings them a greater balance. This helps them to be more outgoing and able to work a larger crowd.

Tip for Today:
Take a moment to look at your finances today and pay any bills that are owed. Also, remember that karma in money is also receiving payments on debts owed to you, and this can come in many different forms – not just financial.

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