Hi Friends!

Today is semi-fixed day with the Seven of Diamonds as our main Sun energy focus. For our semi-fixed card we really need to dive into how this card benefits from balancing out its other semi-fixed card, the Nine of Hearts. See our Seven of Diamonds is known as the Millionaires Card, and in order for this person to bring in the abundance or feel wealthy they need to honor when old relationships no longer work for them and move on. This is their Achilles heel. I’ve met many Seven of Diamonds people who refuse to allow themselves the separation from people they need in order to grow and bring in the next level of friends and/or partners.

They do have one of the harder life spreads, and have many of their other semi-fixed and fixed cards throughout their spread. This makes some of their challenges fixed for life. For example, every other year the Two of Hearts is their direct Saturn card and so their more intimate relationships will become a struggle for them every other year. During that year they have the Jack of Hearts in Venus meaning they are constantly making sacrifices and being of service in their relationships. Then on the year they are in the Nine of Hearts placement they have the fixed King of Spades in their vertical Saturn placement, meaning they will be working harder on themselves and looking for self-mastery. Did you get of that? That’s okay if you didn’t, it’s like playing Monopoly and only ever landing on Park Place and the spot that sends you directly to jail without passing go, and no one pays Park Place rent because they don’t land there.

Lucky or not so lucky this semi-fixed Seven of Diamonds has the fixed Jack of Hearts for their Taurus PRC (planetary ruling card). You can read about fixed and semi-fixed cards in this blog post. Taurus’s are already pretty stubborn and fixed in their zodiac personality and to be a semi-fixed and fixed Destiny Cards on top of that…you’ve got to do a lot of spiritual work like yoga and meditation or Qigong.

Tip for Today:
Practice very focus body movements with your breath. Today is a great day to go for the longer meditation practice. If you normally do 10 minutes, try 22 today, or go for the gusto and do 62 minutes and surprise yourself with the benefits.

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