Hi Friends!

Natural leaders are what you can say about today’s Eight of Diamonds birthday! They seek power and recognition with money and fame. They put a lot of time into self-mastery. They sit in the coveted pinnacle position which is one of the most powerful places to displace in the spread. The pinnacle sits in the center of the Crown row at the top of the Jupiter column. This means they have a lot of power, and fame driving success that is expansive. A few Presidents have been elected during a year when their card displaced the Eight of Diamonds. To harness this energy is really matters how much they are clear about their goals, flexibility, and willingness to get their own hands dirty with doing the work to achieve their goals.

Their PRC (planetary ruling card) is the Three of Hearts for this Taurus birthday. This brings in an element of wanting to explore their emotions and love with more than one partner or bisexuality. They don’t like to have limits around their relationships and can have a string of partners because of this. There is no need to expect that if you’re dating or married to someone with today’s birthday that they’ll cheat, that has to do with your communication and other factors. They worry about their relationships, and are also very expressive about how they feel.

Tip for Today:
Find a quiet moment today to become clear about your desired results for your goals.

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