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fixed and semi-fixed cards
Fixed and semi-fixed cards

Let’s talk about what it’s like to be a semi-fixed and fixed card today. When you take a look at the Grand Solar Spread you will notice that for each card or square spot there are also two cards underneath (one to the left and one to the right) of the main card. Notice how one of these cards is the same as the main card? The card on the bottom left represents the Spiritual Spread and the card on the bottom right represents the Solar Spread. These bottom cards never change while we go through each quadratic yearly shift. I’ve highlighted a few spots – these are the fixed and semi-fixed cards. The pink squares (King of Spades, Jack of Hearts and Eight of Clubs) are the fixed cards. This means that within the mathematical equation they never move out of their Spiritual Spread card space. The pink circles (Ace of Clubs and Two of Hearts) are one set of Semi-fixed cards, and through the quadratic sequencing these only ever swap spots….same with the starred Seven of Diamonds and Nine of Hearts. This special group of cards also does not have any karma cards. For the semi-fixed their other card that you would put focus on is their swapping card.

What does this mean? Well, you can take the literal definition of a fixed card as being fixed. They are stubborn with their personality and who they are, doubly so for Leo’s when their Sun Card is their PRC (planetary ruling card). The Semi-fixed cards can act a little wishy-washy in their personality – sometimes you’ll be getting the Seven of Diamonds and at other times the Nine of Hearts. Same goes for the Ace of Clubs and Two of Hearts person. This is more highlighted for these cards than with any other card because they have two spots that they move to.

The Seven of Diamonds is only ever in the Venus/Venus spot or the Saturn/Saturn spot. So every other year they are either focusing on their close relationships and family life, or having a bit of a harder year being in the challenges spot of Saturn/Saturn. The Ace of Clubs and Two of Hearts is only ever in the Mercury/Venus or Venus/Neptune spot.

There are also a couple of individual cards in the deck that only move one place to the left in the initial quadratic shift from the spiritual spread to the life spread. These cards can take on some of the semi-fixed characteristics. These are the Seven of Hearts, Four of Clubs, and Ace of Diamonds.

So since these fixed and semi-fixed cards don’t have karma cards you might wonder how they deal with that portion of life, no one is really immune to a karmic path after-all. This is explained in three different 12 year cycles we go through – and for another blog post.


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