Hi Friends!

Normally when the Nine of Diamonds shows up in a life or yearly spread people freak out. After-all nines are about endings, whether that be about money, relationships, work, health, death. However I’d like to invite you to take a look at them a different way. Instead of seeing them as the graduation card, which is part of the flip side of endings. When we graduate from High School that isn’t the ending of our learning, actually it really is the beginning. There is college for some, other trade schools, and there is still all of the life lesson we are taught by going straight into the workforce or raising kids. So really our High School graduation can be viewed as an ending of things that are no longer working for us.

When a Nine of Diamonds show up in Jupiter this is always a blessing! When is shows up in Saturn during our year we can expect that we’d be paying out a lot of money on health issues and perhaps its money we didn’t have to dispose of creating debt. The Nine of Diamonds birth card is a harder life spread. They struggle with feeling like the victim, but then again Einstein is a Pisces Nine of Diamonds and I don’t believe he played that role, do you?

This particular Nine of Diamonds has the Two of Clubs PRC (planetary ruling card) and this brings in a lot of balance and companionship they desire. They are able to share ideas and information with their partners or close friends and can be a chatty Cathy too.

Tip for Today:
Allow things to end is where we truly begin to receive.

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