Hi Friends!

Today is the Ten of Diamonds, and is also known as the beggar at the banquet and the wish-fulfillment card. Why such a contrast? They have a hard time receiving from those around them. They have double queens for their karma cards meaning that while they put a lot of energy into self-mastery they can still be a bit arrogant about all the work they’ve done. The gifts of being prosperous and the most blessed card come with learning how to receive on a larger scale which is hard because those double queens would have the Ten of Diamonds believe they deserve everything they get handed to them on a silver platter and aren’t really humble about receiving…and this is truly where the best gifts come from.

Now the Taurus Ace of Hearts PRC (planetary ruling card) brings in a bit more selfishness as all Aces are loners and like to keep it that way. This influence brings our normally more outgoing Ten of Diamonds into an introvert. So let’s use that energy today!

Tip for Today:
Expand inward! Bring your focus back into your heart center and receive with gratitude and grace.

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