Hi Friends!

The Jack of Diamonds is an interesting card. One one hand it’s the liar and used car salesman type of fun younger male, and on the other hand it’s the initiator into more spiritual values and ways of doing business. It’s also the spot when you displace it you begin a 12 year shit storm journey, and the first 5 years of that you may feel that you’re learning the same lesson repeatedly…because you are. But enough about that – you can get your own personal reading to know what spot your displacing and what this year looks like for you. 

The Taurus Four of Diamonds brings in the Double Diamond experience of everything coming back to money, values, and business. This particular card needs to embrace it’s freedom in relationships and work in order to find it security and stability in money it’s searching for. 

Tip for Today:

Become very clear on your motivation for your goals. 

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