Hi Friends!

Unlike yesterday’s unaffected by others King of Diamonds, today’s Queen of Diamonds is very affected by other people around them. In fact, she is very concerned with looking good and can tend to worry a bit too much that they become arrogant. They really want to be like the King who sits primarily in the Mars row, but she’s not and sits with most of her cards in the Saturn row. So while the Kind will have an easier time with taking action on his goals – the Queen of Diamonds struggles with all the challenges that come with the Saturn row. They are also dealing with the some pretty heavy hitting karma cards which bring in a greater need for strict discipline to feel as though they are able to care for those around them.

With the Taurus PRC (planetary ruling card) Three of Clubs comes in with creativity and worry.

Tip for Today:
Start out your day with a meditation to help clear your mind and bring breathe into your heart center.

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