Hi Friends!

Are you ready to rule your business or career world? Well – today is the day! The King of Diamonds may be a little unaware of other people’s feelings or needs, or anything else that may stand in their way of getting what they want. Isn’t that how we usually see successful business people? Driven and goal oriented no matter who they hurt in the process? Some of you may be shaking your head saying no that’s not how business is being run these days because there are more conscious people now operating their business from a more loving and caring heart centered place! Yes, there are some of those people out there, and even with them when it comes right down to making business decisions they will still get to a place of non-emotion to make those decisions. After-all that is essentially what so many people in the yogic community talk about, getting to the neutral unemotional state of being, right? So when you think of business owners, conscious or not, remember they ultimately have their business decisions to make regardless of how this may affect theirs or your emotional state of wellbeing. This is very true of today’s birthday the King of Diamonds regardless if they run their own business or not.

Now for our Taurus side for today – and Happy Birthday to George Clooney – we have the security oriented Four of Clubs. They strive for clarity of mind, can be stubborn, and are your good luck charm.

Tip for Today:
Watch where you may be closing others out of your goals, and create a strong routine to help you achieve them!

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