Hi Friends!

The Ace of Spades is the most spiritual card in the deck – doesn’t necessarily mean their lives of those with this birth card are the most spiritual people you’ll meet. Each card has its own specific meaning, and when combined with the rest of a person’s life spread it makes of all the benefits and challenges they go through. Plus we also have to factor in how that card relates to their first and second karma cards.

The Ace is a desire for new work or health and to get this ‘new’ we have to go through a mini death. This can manifest in a variety of ways. A loss of job which fuels us to start a business, or a health diagnosis that gives us the desire to live a cleaner and more active lifestyle. So while in movies the Ace of Spades generally make an appearance as a foreshadowing of a death to come, in our life this is always followed up with a new beginning.

Our Taurus Seven of Diamonds brings in the ability to be a great salesman!

When the Ace of Spades moves through their fear of abandonment and embraces a higher unconditional love and allowing others to be who they are they will succeed quicker in their goals.

Tip for Today:
Wanting to start something new or bring abundance of “______” into your life? Look for what you can release and leave behind, and then have the courage to do it!

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