Hi Friends!

Today’s Four of Spades can bring in a desire for security around their work and health to how you feel about today. While they are hard workers they can also have a bit of poverty consciousness throughout their life. They have several cards in their spread that are helpers in creating more stability and there are some that help throw them out of sync. For example they have the Ace of Diamonds in Saturn which can create many hardships over getting a new job or changing careers. This brings in a struggle around having a desire for new sources of money. They do have some other great cards that can help them succeed easily if they are capable of easing the stressed out mind.

The Taurus birthday for our Four of Spades bring them to their Venus Ten of Diamonds. Now this card is known as the wish-fulfillment card for when it shows up in your spread, itself can be very tightly wound and a bit arrogant at times. Having this card in Venus for the Four of Spades means they are typically looking for a partner with a lot of money – sometimes this leads to happiness in marriage and sometimes not.


Tip for Today:
Finding something out of the ordinary for fulfilling your desire to work hard may help shift any stress about money that may arise today.

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