Hi Friends!

Happy May Day! Whether or not spring is actually in the air there is a certain amount of restlessness and desire to change things up a bit, we have the Five of Spades to thank for that. When we are dealing with the Spades suit we need to remember that this covers a lot of areas in our life from our work, lifestyle (how we like to live), and our health. For most of us we go about our day and pay no attention to the daily nuances of how our work and health are directly linked, especially if you’re a person that doesn’t like to exercise. We may think that’s only for private trainers and athletes, but it’s not. Without a good base of health and exercise our mental, physical, and emotional states become out-of-whack. We start drinking more and more caffeine, carbs, sugars, overload our system, and then pay the consequences by gaining weight, lacking energy, and losing cognitive function.

The Taurus Nine of Clubs brings in the element of being very romantic – yet can also suffer from a lot of mental disappointments too. This can lead to some pessimistic thinking and may stop us from trying or opening up to communicate our needs, but by breaking through and trying something new we also hit that graduation level of the Nine.

Tip for Today:
If you’ve wanted a shift in how you communicate with your body, work, or even partner today is a great day to stir up the ordinary, use it.

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