Hi Friends!

Yesterdays run for freedom can be balanced out with today’s organizer and security minded Four of Clubs.

Robert Lee Camp call this card the good luck charm of the deck – and also the most Virgo card as well. It sits in the Mars/Jupiter position. This means they are very hard workers, like to keep in motion, and since they are in expansive Jupiter column their life seems to be blessed when they put goals into motion.

Now, not every good luck charm has their cake and eats it too. There are some limitations – and with our Taurus birthday we see that come into action. Their Planetary Ruling Card is the Jack of Spades in Venus. For most Four of Clubs this means they have a bit of soft spot for choosing men that are less than truthful, the musician type, and seem to look at the long-term for their relationships…they like what’s good for the moment and can get swept away easily. All Jacks are liars too, so for our Taurus birthday this is highlighted more than it is for our other Four of Clubs people. However, when all Four of Clubs are willing to move through the run of lesser partners and become honest in their dealings that same Jack of Spades is what can help them become initiated into higher forms of spiritual work, health, and their lifestyle.

Tip for Today:
Why not take a look at where you’ve been less than honest with yourself about achieving your goals and dreams. Take advantage of the clarity of mind seeking nature of today and see where you can realign your goals.

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