Hi Friends!

No you’re not extremely scattered brained today…you’re experiencing a shift in the way you think. Feeling an itch to get out and travel? Yeah, that is our Five of Clubs today!

All fives represent changes whether it’s in how we feel about our relationships, work, diet, money, or communicate. My father is a Five of Clubs and my mother has it as her Planetary Ruling Card – and for me (Four of Clubs) it is my First Karma Card. I practically chase freedom and moving throughout my life and for them it just comes naturally and was easy for our family of six kids to move a lot for work (construction).

This beautiful Taurus birthday also get the Ace of Spades (just like my Libra dad) Planetary Ruling Card. This is the most spiritual cards in the deck. So it might not surprise you that I was born in England because my father was commissioned to build churches for the religion we grew up in. Spades are spiritual and the ace in particular is all about new journeys, work, health, and lifestyles. In movies the Ace of Spades is shown in a scene foreshadowing a death because you can’t have new without some sort of death or ending. This isn’t always a physical death.

Let your mind wander and feel the shifts that come with a new perspective and perhaps take the opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice.

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