Hi Friends!

Watch out for what you say today…you just might get instant karmic payback with our Six of Clubs energy. While being very smart and a bit of a workaholic they do best when they are partnered up with friends and family in business. They always have a great circle of people to tap into when they need it.

While the Six of Clubs has great cards in their life spread they also have a to work really hard on their health, since addictive behaviors can live right under the surface and is their greatest struggle. 

Our Taurus Six of Clubs has the lustrous Queen of Hearts for their Planetary Ruling Card. This can lead to them being very partner oriented and they like to nest. The Queen likes to have everything brought to them and can be a bit lazy in being proactive in relationships. Now for our Six of Clubs that Queen of Hearts is also paired with the Nine of Hearts and so they may feel it’s harder to deeply connect with others

Tip for Today:
Eat healthier today. Practice speaking kind and living thing to yourself and others. 

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