Hi Friends!

Have the negative and pessimistic thoughts been creeping in today, or are you experiencing the desire for higher learning? Today’s Seven of Clubs is just that – a balance between the lower and higher realms of our brain. They are also very smart and definitely seeking out power with their money and what they value, and would love to have some fame along the way.

All Seven of Clubs need more exercise than most with some heavy hitting health cards in their birth spread. So if today is your birthday (or your Seven of Clubs comes from a different date in the year) make sure you have a regular and vigorous workout program with higher levels of cardio.

The Taurus aspect of the Queen of spades for today brings in the ultimate female energy, and she is service oriented as she goes along her path of self-discovery, enlightenment, and mastery.

Tip for Today:
Look for something new to learn today, and get involved with any type of exercise that can also become a meditative space for you. This will help bring you balance.

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