Hi Friends!

Our powerful yet fixed mind may get the better of us today if we’re unable to remain flexible. The Eight of Clubs has a way of seeing the world just as they want to see it. They are one of the three fixed cards and do not do well with change. When I say they are a fixed card this means they don’t move with each quadratic sequence and have no karma cards. This mean they are alway in the Mars/Neptune place on the Magi board and never move. The Mars brings in the need for motion and action because the other Neptune half bring in a bit of seeing life through rose-colored glasses. Many people with their Birth Card in the Neptune row or column have a tendency for addictive behavior – they like to get lost in their own little world.

Now the Eight of Clubs has a more blessed life because their cards each year are always in the Jupiter (mega blessings) row. This is a benefit as many experience life/death situations.

Tip for Today:
Move your body. Take time to do something active…a flexible spine is a flexible mind!

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