Hi Friends!

Are you ready to feel frisky today? The Nine of Clubs energy and it’s highly sexual nature are here to grab you today! You may find yourself thinking or fantasizing over the perfect love affair or encounter. For those in a relationship no I don’t mean that you or your partner are perhaps thinking of cheating, I’m saying that you may find yourself desiring your partner in a new way. The Nine of Clubs is searching for the perfect lover. Now due to their First Karma Card the Queen of Hearts this can add a bit of sexual addiction tendencies for those with today’s birthday, and an added libido boost for everyone else today.

You may want to also have a reading done to see if this Nine of Clubs shows up in your chart anywhere since its other meanings are also mental disappointments, endings of old ways of thinking, and in some positions this could be around situations you don’t want to have a new perspective on.

The other highlight for the Taurus Nine of Clubs is their Planetary Ruling Card the Two of Hearts. They are always looking for the perfect partner…while needing a good amount of alone time. The Two of Hearts is a semi-fixed card, and only ever switches position with the Ace of Clubs. This semi-fixed energy sets the tone for a person wanting the perfect partner while battling their desire to be alone. Many may end up in weird codependent relationships if they’re not able to figure out how to get their needs met.

Tip for Today:
Have fun! Become the perfect partner and woo yourself. Take time for self-care, speak kind and loving words to yourself, and smile!

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