Hi Friends!

The Queen of Mean is here today! She doesn’t hold her tongue and really does tell it like it is. Most often her words are correct and cut through all the bull-shit we are trying to hide. You may have a love/hate relationship with any friend of yours with a Queen of Clubs birthday because they are so spot on.

However, when it comes to their gifts they also end up spending a considerable amount of time alone. They tend to spend concentrated time with one friend then move on to another…and repeat. They are restless by nature in relationships always looking for emotional experiences with a pension for getting mentally bored easily, so they move on. This is due to their first Karma card (three of hearts) and Venus card (five of clubs), which also happens to be their Taurus Planetary Ruling card for today.

The Taurus is one of a few unmarriageable cards in our deck. This only seems to matter sometimes to the Queen of Clubs because she also has many great ideas for businesses and creativity. If she is able to work through her life issues with seeing the larger success obtainable with her creativity and actually putting in the hard work to make it happen.

Tip for Today:
Reminder: when you speak what you intuitively know there are consequences to follow. Think before you open your mouth today.

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