As a psychic and energy healer (human wormhole) I am aware of the changing currents of how our community deals with different energetic cycles. Lately, I’ve been noticing that a lot more people are taking those harder to have conversations outside or into their vehicles. Yes, we are a culture that naturally spends a large amount of time in our transportation and talking while we drive has become just par for the course for making our way across town. However, I’m noticing people just sitting in their car outside their house having these “talks” so they are not inside. Our homes have become so polluted that there is no longer any free space to release or stretch our auric field.

Many of these conversations I witness are about issues in our relationships or about miscommunication (not just because Mercury is retrograde now too). Would it surprise you to know that we are all connected and what we have going on in our life is part of a larger theme going on in our country and globally? What hotter topic do we have about relationships than that of our current election year. We are constantly being bombarded by propaganda saying we don’t know what we’re doing, we’re a stupid people, we shouldn’t know or have the right to make our mind up with regards to our own physical bodies, not to mention the issues around feminism, women’s rights (which of course on the Republican side is coming straight from fears of losing dominance not masculinity), who can handle money better, pointing the finger at the other candidate with the flip/floppy words and actions, and blah blah blah. This all translates directly into our inner-personal relationships regardless of us being on the same page with our closest partner or not!

So what do we do about this? Well, our magical physical Auric field needs stretching otherwise it acts exactly like a trash compactor. The more emotional stuff we hold onto the thicker and crowded our space becomes. Think of the show Hoarders and instead of relating that to your house think of it as the physical space around you. How much of your old thought patterns, emotional traumas, and even joyous emotions are you still holding onto? This is all of the piles of books, papers, toys, dishes, etc…that we see piled up on the show. For our Auric field we hold onto a lot more than we think!!! Yes, even the yogi meditating every day is holding onto more than they think. It’s not a bad thing (which isn’t a thing), just a different awareness that we need to experience. Now let’s turn that molasses trash compacting Auric field into a breathing flexible lung.

How do we become aware of needing to free up our trash?

  • Do you feel stuck in your job or relationships?
  • Are you yearning for freedom?
  • Are you feeling restless?
  • Does your body feel weighed down, and a bit like you need to go on a diet or cleanse?
  • Are you haunted by thoughts of your ex or traumatic event?

I could go one with more identifying questions, however there is no need. After answering these five questions I am positive most of you will have answered yes to at least one or more of them. Your yes brings us to the first stage of awareness. The second stage is to identify the root cause of these issues. Stage three is identifying where in your Auric field these are kept. Stage four is then building a daily practice around taking the emotional trash out. Stage five is creating a loving and comfortable Auric field (I am just assuming here that you want to feel loved and have security within your space). Sounds like a lot right? Well for the seasoned energy healer (psst… you are all energy healers, each and every one of you!) – this can all be done with a matter of minutes every day.

We are made of energy and our bodies know how to heal…there is nothing stopping you from being your own greatest tool for self-healing. Congrats on identifying that you have work to do…and by work I mean you can Worry Or Radiate Kindness, or be Wisely Opening Recycled Knowledge, or Write Omnipresent Resonating Kind-heartedness. They’re all good and each one may in fact help you on your journey to un-cluttering your Auric field.

So really why are we having harder conversations outside of our homes or apartments? We may initially think it’s because we have roommates or family members there we don’t want hearing our conversations. Privacy isn’t so much of the issue, because we have more of that at home than we do from the random person walking their dog by us. Privacy is the issue because we don’t actually want to make a change in our life. We do it because we’ve already cluttered up our house. We have no more room for our emotional baggage to flex our Auric field indoors. Having these tough conversation in our car and then storing our negative, or lower vibrational, energy blocking us from being present while we drive? Ever wonder where all your road rage comes from? The answers aren’t about going to the other extreme of being completely etherical either! That isn’t grounding and may cause just as many accidents as being distracted can.

The point is, when we have an energetically clear space we are both grounded and etheric. We are able to feel balanced, calm, in control of our emotions and communication skills, and able to process our life events completely. Getting right-sized in our Auric field, and cleansing and charging our home on a regular basis will give us a greater peace so when it comes time for harder conversations we are trying to escape our loving, sacred, supportive home.

Shift Your Auric Field

Stage 1 – Awareness

Hopefully by reading this blog post you’ve become more aware of your surroundings and the claustrophobic issues we’re creating all by ourselves.

Stage 2 – Identify the root cause of the issue

Start by listing 3 known issues. There is no need to clear out all of your layers of emotional garbage all at once – this can be overwhelming if you do. We can repeat this process again and again and again.

Stage 3 – Identify where in the Auric field your issues are

I prefer to do this part lying down so I am able listen to every part of my body fluidly. To get into a meditative space I like to turn on some quiet and calming music or even go deeper with some theta waves. Check out this one specifically for letting of fear, over thinking, and worries. Bring one of the three issues into your consciousness and ask your body where this issue is inside your Auric field.

Stage 4 – Take out the emotional trash and build it into a daily practice

Once you’ve done that you can then take a deep breath visualizing your Auric field breathing with your lungs. During this expansion of your Aura visualize your troubled garbage leaving. On your exhale visualize your Aura closing back to size and healing with white light. Inhale deeply again and watch how more garbage is dislodged and releases. Exhale and feel the comfort of healing energy surround your body. Continue doing this for 10 breaths before moving on to your next issue.

Doing this practice daily will help you become more aware of how you process emotions and traumatic events. You’ll be able to quickly recognize which chakras are affected first, and how long it takes to slow them down.

Stage 5 – Enjoy a loving and comfortable Auric field

By creating this daily meditative practice you are then able to take this very same routine you’ve created and apply it to your cells living inside your body. You are able to heal all of you! I know for some it’s easier to have a guided meditation to take them through self healing. Check out this video.

Now for transforming the stuck energy in your home – Ask Namjeev. I love being able to quickly clear out all this stuck and unusable energy from your home so that you may live a light and free.
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