Hi Friends!

Can we talk about restlessness for a minute today? For most of us we seek stability in our lives. We look for jobs that give us financial security, relationships where we feel like we know our place, we are rooted in our role within our family unit, and this usually is present in our spiritual or religious beliefs as well. Let me ask you for a moment to picture how your life might be if those things made you feel confined, restricted, or claustrophobic even. You may know one or two people like this and wonder why they thrive in not needing co-dependent relationships or the stability of knowing where/when their next job is. These people are most likely a Five of any suit, or have fives for karma cards.

The Five of Diamonds (like today’s birthday) is very restless in their life with everything they value, with money, with business, and even relationships. This Five of Diamonds has their First Karma Card the Nine of Diamonds for the Planetary Ruling Card in Aries. This is their Mars card…which is where all of their more masculine traits come from, their drive for action, physical activity, sexual desires, etc… This brings for them a bit of a harder time in life. They have trends of financial disappointments and jobs ending not on their terms. This usually lends to how they are in their personal relationships.

Being restless with a dash of the Three of Clubs creative mind as their beneficial Second Karma Card, the Five of Diamonds always has more ideas for work and business, they just need to allow someone else to handle the money and business decisions.

Tip for Today:
If you’re experiencing some extra restlessness today breathe deeply to see beyond the agitation and into the joy of its freedom.

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