Hi Friends!

Waiting for their ship to come in…the Six of Diamonds can have a hard time letting go of their negative mental process. They do benefit from daily spiritual practices that uplift and inspire their creative juices. The Six of Diamonds is very financially motivated. If they were to watch the long patter for their money they would see longer periods of losses and gains. They typically are not able to make a quick buck, and if they do it’s because they’re in debt and need to pay a bill. All sixes are working on balancing out the karma of their suit. This six in particular is working on money, values, and business.

The Aries addition to today brings in the 10 of Diamonds, the wish-fulfillment card. However in order for them to fully reap the benefits of large amounts of money and prosperity they have to also learn how to receive. For the one waiting for their ship to come in this may be the hardest struggle (besides relationships) for the Six of Diamonds.

Tip for Today:

Practice a meditation for the positive mind. This can as-easy-as breathing in words of affirmation and exhaling words of affirmation.


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