Hi Friends!

It’s an interesting day today. If you take a look at today’s Seven of Diamonds semi-fixed card the Nine of Hearts and pair that with the Nine of Clubs Planetary Ruling Card – the only way today will end in success or feelings of prosperity are through graduating from certain relationships that no longer serve us, and by releasing some old ways of thinking.

Nines are all about endings – which can be a good thing! Think about when new things come into your life…its because something has ended making room for the new thing – be it a relationship, job, move into your dream home, or just more time to explore a new hobby.

The Seven of Diamonds is seeking the approval of those around them. They may tend to be a bit co-dependent and devoted to their relationship and family while striving to get their needs met.

Today is the most sexual of all the Seven of Diamonds – that Nine of Clubs is the most sexual card of the deck. They are very romantic. The nine quality is also seeking for new higher and deeper knowledge and many go the metaphysical route since this can lend to their sexual desires with tantric sexual experiences.

Tip for Today:
Do some cord cutting. Write down a list of old habits and ways of thinking that you’re done with – then burn it! Seek new and pleasurable activities that are soothing to your soul.

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