Hi Friends!

Welcome to a powerful day! The Eight of Diamonds sits in one of the most powerful spots in the spread, the pinnacle. Great things can happen when you are displacing this card so when it comes around during the year we are wise to tap into its energy for the day.

The Eight of Diamonds is always looking for power with money and recognition. They can fall into habits of addiction and manipulation at times if they do not work on self-mastery. They need to find their higher purpose in their personal and professional life. They can be great at managing other people’s money and fall short when it comes to their own. They can tend to become manipulators as they seek power and recognition. Through self-mastery they are able to break free from their own fears and uncertainty.

The Aries Eight of Diamonds has the semi-fixed Ace of Clubs Planetary Ruling Card. This means they flip/flop between needing their solitude and being highly independent and needing to be co-dependent in their relationships. This can lead to a many marriages or relationships for this Eight of Diamonds person.

Tip for Today:
Work on your self-mastery through focused meditation of bringing in ideas for boosting power and recognition in business.

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