Hi Friends!

Are you ready to give today? Well you should be! The Nine of Diamonds Sun Card for today is a giver. All nines are endings and completions, so it is only natural that they give a bit more than they feel like they receive. The main reason for the reluctance for giving is the Queen of Diamonds first karma card. They are putting a lot of energy into looking like they are the ruler of their suit and have already mastered their money and values. Nine of Diamond people are very good with sales, perhaps the best of the deck, and you may find them to be a bit ornery when it comes to how much is being asked of them to give in proportion to how much they receive.

The Aries birthday has the King of Clubs, the king of intuition and knowledge, as their Planetary Ruling Card. This brings in a higher level of intelligence making today’s particular Nine of Clubs successful but a tad arrogant at times.

Tip for Today:
Stretch the body. Stretch the spine! Become flexible and prepare yourself to give a little bit extra today.

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