Hi Friends!

Are you ready for a Queen of Diamonds day? Buckle your safety belt and prepare yourself for some ups and downs. While the Queen of Diamonds rule the feminine side of royalty with money she is also worried about looking good doing it. This is a struggle for her because she has one of the harder life paths, most of her spread is in the Saturn row, and unless we tap into her more meditative side can give way to the fuck-its.

The Queen of Diamonds has a 3 of Diamonds for her first karma card – so she is putting a lot of her time and energy into worrying about her money decision-making, worry about what she values most (this may even be relationships), and has a hard time making decisions. She also is the only card to have all threes in her spread. So those born today really worry and are indecisive about everything. The Three of Hearts is in the vertical Jupiter spot with a direct Nine of Hearts. This combination alone brings one to believe that most of their relationships would end because of their inability to express emotions or because of an affair. They do have the option to uplift themselves through to the higher and more enlightened path of relationships but it is a lot of hard sustained work.

Tip for Today:

Breathe through today’s worry and indecisiveness. Allow yourself the idea to want more than one thing – this could lead to new creativity or career choices for you.
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