Hi Friends!

If you ever wanted to feel like a whiz at business and developing partnerships and negotiating – today is your today. The King of Diamonds Sun Card and Two of Diamonds Planetary Ruling Card are a great match for business.

As we know, the King of any suit is the Master in all things of value. They are also the only King with one eye making them a bit blind to emotions, the needs of others and their own. This and their tendency to worry over creative efforts are the area for them to work on the most. They have an innate ability to trust that everything will always work out.

Do you remember the winner from the first season of “Survivor”, Richard Hatch? His birthday is today. On that show he showed us that winning was all about alliances, not trusting anyone, and above all – remain loyal to only yourself. This is classic King of Diamonds behavior.

Tip for today:

Brush your fears aside, use your creativity, partner up with someone of similar value system as yours and build your dreams!

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