Hi Friends!

Welcome to the most spiritual card in the deck the Ace of Spades. Now this does not mean that these people are the most spiritual…they still have struggles, change, and successes that everyone else has…it mostly means that with any Ace there has been death. Aces are a desire for new, they are the first card of their spread, and also have the most secrets. Generally Ace’s are not of the marrying kind since they have a singular focus. This isn’t to say they are doomed to never marry – many actually do, and work best in relationships with a lot of freedom since the Ace of Spades is all about work and many are called workaholics.

Many have a strong underlying fear of abandonment and betrayal they need to work through. This gives them a little bit of immaturity although they want to be the caregiver and provider for either their family or business. They may struggle emotionally with relationships if they are unable to see where there is prosperity in relationships ending (or releasing responsibility to others). They seem to engage their salesman tactics to manipulate people to keep them around when it no longer serves either of them.

On the brighter side, if they find themselves able to dive into a spiritual path they will find this serves their highest good and benefit those around them.

Today’s Five of Spades Planetary Ruling card also brings in an added element of restlessness and aggressive especially in relationships. They need to be mindful of where they may be too pushy with friends.

Tip for today:

In your meditation today ask what deep secret desire you have for work, health, or even your lifestyle. Find a way to incorporate your new findings!

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