Hi Friends!

Today is a unique one. Our Aries Two of Spades first karma card, the Six of Spades, is also their Planetary Ruling Card. This means that they will be giving double energy into this card and seem almost fixed in nature around their health issues. Six’s are all about karma to begin with – they are about balancing out debts and receipts. They may find that their health is directly related to how they are with others. For example if they’re hurtful to others or do harm they may feel it almost immediately physically and suffer the consequences for their harsh actions. This can lead many people born today to go into fields of metaphysics or have a practical knowledge of how this affects us on a daily basis. They may council friends on the damage they do to themselves when they hurt someone else and give advice on how to take care of themselves.

All Two of Spades people are natural-born leaders. They benefit greatly from the King of Clubs (master of knowledge) as their second karma card. They are more of a leader by example and not a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do type of boss. You’ll be grateful when you come across one of these so much that you may never want to leave your job.

Tip for today:

Participate in healthy choices for your mind, body, and spirit. Take a mediation class. Perhaps sage your house or apartment to help clear out any negative and stagnant energy.

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