Hi Friends!

How restless can one person be? Try today’s birthday on for size! The “Artist Card” Three of Spades Sun Card matched with the Five of Diamonds for their Planetary Ruling Card in Aries and you have a recipe for wtf if you try to figure these gems out.

Threes are very creative and they are also have a tendency to worry, a lot. We call today the “Artist Card” because of this creativity with everything spade suit related. All things around work, careers, their healthy, and lifestyle. They receive the fun and creative salesman benefits of the Jack of Diamonds as their second karma card. However they’re not to good with money – actually they have a knack for lying about this and being very irresponsible when it comes to money with their first karma card the Six of Diamonds.

The Five of Diamonds energy brings in more salesmanship and restlessness. This may create some times in the lives of an April 5th birthday where they have tons of idea and passions but lack the ability to make a commitment to any of them.

Tip for today:

Utilize today’s restlessness and creativity to bring in new ideas for your career, and hobbies.

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