Hi Friends!

All Sixes find themselves to be on the more intuitive side of the deck because they are the karma card. Their job is to find or create balance. They Six of Spades for today is doing that with work, our health, and our lifestyle. Debts are to be paid, and any outstanding IOU’s may come back to you as well. This means that our work or jobs may become right sized. In regards to our health we may finally feel or see the progress of all the hard work we’ve been putting in at the gym or yoga studio or may feel the pains of not taking appropriate care of ourselves through diet.

Today we have the Eight of Diamonds for the Planetary Ruling Card  and this brings in a hunger and drive for business and financial success. It also happens to be their Mars card, so it may bring about a certain amount of anger and frustration along the road, but also adds to the action driven and energy to getting things accomplished.

Tip for Today:

See where the energy for today is aligning your path and go with what provides the least resistance.

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