Hi Friends!

A powerhouse day with the Seven of Spades Sun card and Jack of Diamonds Planetary Ruling Card!

Sevens invoke intense changes in our lives, and are generally known as the faith card for each suit. So what kind of faith does this bring for us with the spades suit? Well, let’s backtrack for just one moment and remember that this particular card when it show up in your spread can mean accidents, injuries, transitions, and the placement of this card in your spread will tell you more about what the shift is about. When it comes to a Seven of Spades person this means that they may end up being pretty accident prone and clumsy. All Seven’s also sits 1/2 way between the Ace and King – this helps us with working towards higher forms of work, health, and lifestyle. For most this comes through from great faith that things will get better, and for others this comes through hard work.

The beauty of the Jack of Diamonds Planetary Ruling Card is that it really helps the Seven of Spades person in business and energetic creativity. They also put a lot of energy into being better at business with their King of Diamonds First Karma Card, while winning all the hearts with the amazing playboy card the Eight of Hearts Second Karma Card.

Tip for Today:

Go be strong in business and take care of your health. Remember to be mindful of your body and your physical actions and diet.

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