Hi Friends!

Feeling a little restless today? Feeling like you’re not quite sure what to say or if you should say anything at all? Are you itching for a good spring cleaning today, Feng Shui your house/apartment, or just moving altogether? That might have a little bit to do with the 5 of Clubs Sun Card energy we have today. All fives give us restlessness and this one especially in the area of communication, learning, and moving. All of the 5 of Clubs people I know are very comfortable with moving. Some of them are pretty quiet when it comes to communication because they keep changing their mind although they want to have more power and control over their words. They might not speak up when it comes to fighting for what they want if they haven’t figured that one out yet. Quick decisions are not their strong suit!

The Five of Clubs person does benefit from the Four of Clubs as their second karma card with its clarity of mind and drive for security. This is especially helpful since their first karma card is the Five of Hearts and they are putting a lot of energy into having a change of heart during this lifetime.

Tip for today:

Find time to ground yourself in a meditation, or several short meditations. This will help you with the mental and emotional restlessness and bring in feelings of security and clarity.

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