Hi Friends!

A 10 of Clubs person is more career driven than relationship seeker. Success comes easy to them in any field they choose, the only problem the have is actually making a choice. They have many 3’s (diamonds, hearts, and clubs) in their spread which bring about worry, indecision, and multiple interests around money, values, love, learning, and communication. For women the indecision around romantic relationships with men is very much heightened by the 3 of hearts and 3 of club in Mars, which is our action, aggression, and sexual energy with our male counterpart.

The Aries person (today’s birthday) has the 3 of hearts for their planetary ruling card making that 3 energy more pronounced – especially around relationships. This three can have more bi-sexual way of being and interacting with others since this three is looking for love from more than one source.

What ever you get into today…you more likely to feel or have bigger ideas for achieving success. Don’t get stuck in the worry side of the three’s…write those down (so you also remember later), and take action! Utilize today’s magic for success and creative outlet for looking outside your normal realm for solutions.


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