Hi Friends,

We’re entering a couple of double today. Starting off with our Sun and Planetary cards both being of the Clubs suit – Jack and 2 of Clubs; then add in the Jack of Diamonds for the second double (jacks). This may lend to a feeling of a fixed personality. Jacks are notorious creative liars – put that into communication and values/money…and you’ve got a great con artist. The double club creates a space for those born today to be very intellectual – although they have a need for higher learning the 2 is highly argumentative making it hard if not near impossible to actually negotiate with them.

The 2 of Clubs brings in a need for sharing ideas – so while they have a need to argue they have a greater yearning to chat and it almost doesn’t even matter what the topic is.

Is today your birthday? Would you like more insight into how to work the double Clubs and double Jack energy into our favor? Book your reading today!



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