Hi Friends,

March 10th is all about the King of Diamonds – the one eyed salesman! This card generally is great for business…and when mixing in the Pisces Neptune Planetary Ruling aspect of today’s personality (not seeing things clearly and letting our addictive personality come through more) this adds to the blind eye when going after our goals at the expense of others. The Pisces card may help balance this a bit with today being the 4 of Spades and offering some security and stability to our work, health, and lifestyle.

The 3 of clubs 1st karma cards tends to bring in worry and fears with trying to climb the ladder and working hard. The flip side to this is to harness the 3’s creative energy in written and spoken word. Working the cards from the more positive side will really help to bring in their benefits and help us through times of worry and fears with steady habits.

The benefits of receiving your own personal Destiny Card reading is to find out how to strengthen weaker cards (if any) and how to get the maximum benefit out of the highly beneficial cards. Also…when going though a rough year, a reading will help to give you some stability and guidance of a way to work through it and how to shift it. Book your reading today!




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