The Restless Salesman

That dear ole Five of Diamonds! Restless at heart and desperately needs to find peace with their first karma card, the Nine of Diamonds. Our first karma card is what we out a lot of energy and focus on during our lifetime. So naturally those born today struggle between their need for freedom (all fives) and the nine’s energy of completion. They may struggle with a desire for career success while never being able to make up their mind about actually wanting to stay in that career path. 

Five of Diamond people are gifted with the Three of Clubs second karma card (gifts for this lifetime). They have a creative side and never run out of ideas. This can be helpful when they are looking for a new job or career path but may also be a hindrance when they are struggling with not having freedom to do as they wish at their job. 

Today’s Queen of Spades Planetary Ruking Card helps tremendously to bring self mastery into the mix of cards.  She is powerful, feminine, and brings stability for the wandering Five and releasing nature of the Nine. She is the strongest of the Queens and rules our health, lifestyle, and work. 
For more information about your personal destiny cards, and how to use these cards to understand and transform your life contact Namjeev for a reading. 


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