The Lonely Heiress

Some say this card is waiting for their ship to come in. Experiencing karma (all sixes are karmic balance) in the finance and values department of our lives can bring about long periods of time when those born today do not have a change in their income (for good or bad). They may have a sense of financial debts owed to them from their past lives. Those that choose to wait for those debts to be paid tend to  lose ambition to go out and grasp it for themselves. 

Six of Diamonds people usually have a harder time with their close relationships. They have a tendency to be dishonest because because they want to be the life of the party while they continually put energy into changing the way they think and feel about those closest to them. Having the Ace of Hearts in Saturn, new love being a teacher or challenge for them, keeping secrets in love relationships and close friendships is a pattern. If you’re in a relationship with a Six of Diamonds person, be careful. 

However, today the Six of Diamonds has the Four of Spades as its Planetary Ruling Card and this brings about more stability and security into their lives. A Four is Spades person experiences the Ace of Hearts in Jupiter and this combo may being about periods of stability and honesty in their relationships. The other benefit is they experience their own card, Six of Diamonds, in the moon position bringing about the payment of past life debts.  

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