What a powerhouse of a day! It is the perfect day to put your focus on money, values, work, and success. Create a powerful and reasonable goal, then set out to achieve it as if you couldn’t lose. 

The Eight of Diamonds sits in the pinnacle position of the mundane spread and is all about having power with our money and values. When our card displaces the Eight of Diamonds it is a powerful year as our focus is brought to having more power, more money, etc… Some presidents have been elected during their pinnacle year. 

Adding to the power of the Eight of Diamonds today is its Planetary Ruling Card and is the most powerful card in the deck, the King of Spades. Watch out for those stubborn or fixed ideas, the King of Spades is one of three fixed cards. Jack of Hearts and Eight Of Clubs are our other non-moving fixed friends. They all know what they know and there is no changing their mind.

Go out there and achieve success today!  

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